Augusten Burroughs’ Dry: In Pictures

Dry is Augusten Burroughs’ recovery memoir, but it reads more like a love story. I really enjoyed it. If you haven’t read it, you really should.

If you have read it, you’ll enjoy this: a set of pictures from Augusten’s flickr page that covers the Dry period in Burroughs’ life. I found it oddly spooky to see pictures of Augusten and Pighead, knowing so much about them, but not really knowing them at all.

Here is what Burroughs has to say about the pictures:

These represent a tiny fraction of the photographs I took during my twenties and early thirties in Manhattan and LA. Mostly, I documented the streets near my apartment(s) and my life with Pighead (George).


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    Augusten Burroughs’ Dry: In Pictures | Junk Talk

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