Call for Submissions: Visual and Performance Memoir

Since Junk’s launch in November, we’re received a steady stream of submissions, and Tim and I are pleased to see some good, quality work. Next week, we’ll publish the first of our visual submissions, and we’re excited. Most of the work submitted to date has been prose, which is great, we love the written word—have no fear, writers! But we’d also like to put in a plug to visual and performance artists. We want to see your work!

We want photos, comics, paintings, drawings, performances, from people who are willing tell a story about their own addiction or the effect of addiction on them from someone else. Self-portraits can be revealing; a recent trip to a museum exhibit of Picasso’s work reminded us of this. One of our favorite visual artists, Cindy Sherman, combines storytelling, photography, and performance in an intriguing way. Or maybe you are a singer-songwriter with work you’d like to share to our audience—we watch YouTube, too.

You don’t have to be Picasso or Cindy Sherman to get our attention. We’re just trying to get YOUR attention. Submit!

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