Cracked by Shannon Barber

Shannon Barber’s voice is fresh and cool. She’s like a spring breeze on your face in the last days of winter. Even better, she’s up. Her story Cracked is live on Junk right now.

Shannon’s story rounds out Junk 2, the winter 2011 edition of Junk. Here’s a little taste of Cracked:

The nurse kept asking if I smoked crack. My intake at the clinic seemed to focus around my supposed children, my supposed acts of wanton prostitution and my supposed crack habit.

“When was the last time you did any drugs?”

The nurse never looked me in the eye; she spoke my name in a weird buzz heavy voice, Mizz Barr-Berrr. She made my name sound like an accusation, of what I didn’t know but I was guilty of course.

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