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A Bagel Never Jumped into My Mouth by Allen Zadoff

Posted in Uncategorized on January 15, 2013 by Tim Elhajj

For the new you, in 2013: Allen Zadoff and his inspiring story of self discovery with the eating disorder that was threatening his life.

Here is a little “taste.”

“One day in 1995, I was walking toward a McDonald’s on Eighth Street in New York’s West Village. My plan had been to buy healthy food at the grocery store and make myself a nice lunch, but the moment I stepped onto the street, like so many times before, my good intentions were tossed out the window for the siren song of fast food. I started to cry as I walked, knowing I was about to do the thing I didn’t want to do, the thing that had been hurting me all my life. Now at more than 350 pounds, this thing was getting near killing me.

“Suddenly, I stopped in midstride and turned back toward Washington Square Park. I’d never walked away from a binge before, and I had no idea why I was doing it then. Maybe I wasn’t really walking away. Maybe I was going to hijack a pretzel cart. I couldn’t be sure.

Read the rest in issue 10 of Junk . . .

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