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This River by James Brown

Posted in books with tags , , , , on May 22, 2011 by Editors

This River

This River by James Brown was recently reviewed by Junk Talk’s own Tim Elhajj, who seemed to enjoy it quite a bit.

Read the review on The Internet Review of Books. Buy This River: A Memoir from Amazon. Keep an eye on the site. We’re going to publish an author interview with James Brown shortly.

Here is an excerpt from the review:

James Brown’s new memoir, This River, is a collection of a dozen stories, most of which were previously published in literary journals or magazines. Here they come together to form a taut, sometimes brutal, picture of a man whose life has been ravaged by drug and alcohol addiction, mental illness, and plain old-fashioned hard luck. But it would be wrong to label this work as confessional or some sort of misery memoir. Brown doesn’t revel in his personal catastrophes. Arguably some of his best work is the work in which he explores his relationships with his two young sons or his own father. He’s got a light touch, a thoughtful outlook, and he knows how to weave a gripping narrative.

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