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Junk Editorial Staff Goes to the City by the Bay

Posted in editor's corner with tags , , on October 13, 2011 by Editors

Junk was stomping around San Francisco for LITQUAKE. Tim appeared on an author panel that was reviewed favorably in the Bay area press with such notable writers as Bucky Sinister, Alan Kaufman, Cary Tennis, Ali Liebegott, and Wendy Merrill.

But it wasn’t all work. Time was made for goofing off.


We saw the lights.


Left our mark on the hallowed walls.

Some San Francisco passerby giving Holly rabbit ears. Thanks, dude!

Were toyed with by the locals at the sights.


But when we came upon Turk and Taylor, we knew well to turn and head the other way. No need to tempt the fates!

Watch Junk for a new story next week from an anonymous but inspired author. We think you’ll like the “high” he has to offer.


Tom Pitts live!

Posted in journal updates with tags , , , on July 15, 2011 by Tim Elhajj

Junk is proud to present Stalemate at Turk and Taylor by Tom Pitts

During the run up to publishing his fine work, every piece of mail I got from Tom made me grin. He’s quite a guy: a fabulous writer, able to tell a great story, and he performed this piece live last year at Lip Service West in San Francisco.


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