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Junk Talk Interview with Tom Catton, author of The Mindful Addict

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Tom Catton is the author of The Mindful Addict, A Memoir of the Awakening of a Spirit, a reflection on his many years in recovery from an addiction to heroin and other drugs that he acquired in the sixties. He has been in recovery since 1971.

Tim Elhajj for Junk Talk: The granddaddy of all twelve-step programs is the venerable Alcoholics Anonymous, which has been around since the late 30s and has spurred an unprecedented growth of similar programs for all sorts of problems from eating and sex addictions to compulsive gambling. In deference to the twelve step tradition of anonymity, we’re not going to press you to reveal the name of program to which you belong. However, you’ve been in recovery for 40 years and AA itself has only been around for 76 years. Whatever program you’re in, you must be one of its original members, or quite nearly. What you can tell us about how the program has matured over the last 40 years? Has it matured?

Tom Catton: First Tim let me thank you for this chance to talk about and expose my book to a few more people. I believe all the 12-step programs have matured over the years and this is because of the traditions we follow as our guide, thank you for respecting that. When I went to my first meeting in 1968 there were about 25 meetings world wide of the fellowship I ended up in; now this fellowship has about 60,000 meetings in 136 countries. I would say it has matured. I and another member started this same 12 step program in Hawaii in 1973.

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