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Happy Valentine’s Day from the Editorial Staff at Junk

Posted in editor's corner with tags , , , on February 14, 2011 by Tim Elhajj

Fresh Fremont beer

Yesterday the editorial team met in funky Fremont (located on the planet Earth, as duly noted by the sign) to discuss this month’s issue of Junk, which is going to be a real treat. Trust us. We have something really special.

This sign, found on a Fremont sidewalk, pleased us for so many reasons. Its exuberance, its pointed note that the beer in question has only recently been brewed, its emphatic arrow. But most of all, its motto: Because Beer Matters. It’s just fermented malt with sugar and yeast, flavored with a little hops. But it matters.

This is how we feel about our little monthly nonfiction issues. Small and lovely, but they matter. Little valentines from us to you.

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